Apple Varieties


State Fair & University of Minnesota Selection – 1998
An early apple that is crisp and juicy with a sweet/tart flavor. Ripens late August.

Dandee Red®

Paula Red & Summer Mac
A red blush apple with crisp white flesh. Pleasantly tart. Ripens late August.

State Fair

Mantet x Oriole, University of Minnesota, 1977
A Medium sized red striped fruit. An all-purpose apple with a sweet/tart flavor. Ripens late August.


Dutchess x Starking Delicious, North Dakota, 1980

Large, dark red fruit. Flavor is sweet and mild, an all-purpose apple. Ripens late August.


Keepsake x ?, University of Minnesota., 1991
Exceptional crisp, juicy and sweet. Has a seven-month shelf life. Ripens late September.


Ben Davis x McIntosh, New York, 1915
An older variety that the white flesh holds its color after being cut. Excellent for eating and cooking, especially pies! Ripens Late September.


Famuse x Detroit Red, Ontario, 1870
A well known older apple with bright red skin. Pleasant flavor. Good for eating and baking. Ripens late September.


Sharon x Connell Red, University of Minnesota, 2006
Sweet with a tart balance, keeps its white color when cut open. Ripens late September.


McIntosh x Jersey Black, NY, 1923
Very high quality McIntosh type dessert apple. Good for eating. Ripens Mid-Oct.
Blondee Apple


Gala x ?, Ohio, 2000
A Medium sized fruit with yellow skin, a mildly sweet taste with hints of ginger and pear. Ripens late September.

Red Regent

Daniels Red Dutchess x Delicious Red, University of Minnesota, 1963
A very popular apple in Minnesota. A red apple that is crispy, juicy, sweet and tart. Great storage life. Ripens early October.

Orchard Rules


We do request that our visitors follow our picking rules to help retain as many apples on the trees for all pickers to enjoy.


Please respect the trees: No climbing, no pulling or shaking branches.


No throwing apples.


Children must be supervised at all times.


Many labor intensive hours go into the loving care of our fruit bearing trees. We ask that if you accidentally drop any fruit on the ground to please make every effort to pick that piece of fruit up and place in your picking bag so that no fruit is wasted. If it falls, it’s yours.


Fruit varieties mature at different times. Pick only in designated areas or where there is a guide or posted signs.


Please dispose of trash in receptacles.


Smoking is prohibited.

How to Pick An Apple

Picking an apple form a tree is easy! Roll the apple up and off the branch and give a little twist. Don’t pull straight from the tree! If two apples are joined together at the top, both will come away at the same time. Don’t shake the trees or branches. If the apple you are trying to pick drops, or others on the tree, go ahead and pick them up! They are perfectly fine! But do wash them before you eat them. Once picked – don’t throw apples into the baskets, place them gently. Don’t wash your apples until you are ready to use them, to prevent spoilage. Keeping apples cool after picking increases their shelf life

Denmark Gardens Apple Orchard

We hope the Denmark Gardens Apple Orchard experience will be enjoyed for many generations.
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Denmark Gardens Apple Orchard
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