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Apple Varieties


State Fair & University of Minnesota Selection – 1998
An early apple that is crisp and juicy with a sweet/tart flavor. Ripens late August.

State Fair

Mantet x Oriole, University of Minnesota, 1977
A Medium sized red striped fruit. An all-purpose apple with a sweet/tart flavor. Ripens late August.


Dutchess x Starking Delicious, North Dakota, 1980

Large, dark red fruit. Flavor is sweet and mild, an all-purpose apple. Ripens late August.


Keepsake x ?, University of Minnesota., 1991
Exceptional crisp, juicy and sweet. Has a seven-month shelf life. Ripens late September.


Ben Davis x McIntosh, New York, 1915
An older variety that the white flesh holds its color after being cut. Excellent for eating and cooking, especially pies! Ripens Late September.


Famuse x Detroit Red, Ontario, 1870
A well known older apple with bright red skin. Pleasant flavor. Good for eating and baking. Ripens late September.


Sharon x Connell Red, University of Minnesota, 2006
Sweet with a tart balance, keeps its white color when cut open. Ripens late September.


McIntosh x Jersey Black, NY, 1923
Very high quality McIntosh type dessert apple. Good for eating. Ripens Mid-Oct.
Blondee Apple


Gala x ?, Ohio, 2000
A Medium sized fruit with yellow skin, a mildly sweet taste with hints of ginger and pear. Ripens late September.

Red Regent

Daniels Red Dutchess x Delicious Red, University of Minnesota, 1963
A very popular apple in Minnesota. A red apple that is crispy, juicy, sweet and tart. Great storage life. Ripens early October.